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​Mommy, Where Are We Going?

Excerpt from Mommy, Where Are We Going?

Mommy is taking me for a ride. We get in the car and fasten our seat

belts. As we drive away, I ask, "Mommy, where are we going?"   

She says, "You will see. It's going to be fun!"

While riding in the car with his mommy, a young child views the sights of his small

town. Mommy points out important buildings along the way. This slice of life children's

book helps teach children about the many wonderful places all around our daily lives. In 

passing each building, Mommy tells her son why each is so important. Your child will enjoy 

learning all about a small town and the people in it. You may even challenge your child to

recall the order in which the buildings are passed in a fun memory game.